I work at the intersection of design, strategy and research—by crossing boundaries between speculation and realities(s/r), research and practice(r/p), digital and analog(d/a), but most importantly between disciplines.

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125 Blickwinkel

︎︎︎︎ 125 Blickwinkel - Trailer

As part of the minster tower jubilee the studio “Bootschaft | Crew für Gestaltung” developed the art installation “125Blickwinkel (viewing angles)”.
        The installation combines object, moving image and sound into an audiovisual experience. An arrangement of elements that aim in the height is played by projectors. This expands the building in perspective and makes it an emotional experience as well.
        I was mostly involved in the creation of the concept and the recording of the video material. Furthermore, I took over the organization of the sequences and the rough cut.
        The installation was screened from 13/03/15 until 26/04/15 at the minster.

︎︎︎︎ First Phase—Research & Form

︎︎︎︎ Cultural Probes—Inside the Minster

︎︎︎︎ Making–of the installation

Multimedia art installation—2014

︎︎︎︎︎ Full development process in detail: www.125blickwinkel.de
︎︎︎︎︎ Soleil du Midi, Jonas Vogt, Florian Geiselhart, Bootschaft | Crew für Gestaltung