Sunday 29.02.17
“Raising Robotic Natives”
at Vitra Design Museum
Here is an update on »Hello, Robot. Design between Human and Machine« at Vitra Design Museum, curated by Amelie Klein.

It is an incredible possibility for us to present Raising Robotic Natives next to our idols. There are basically all the projects which inspired us from the beginning of our research.

On top of that, our work wasn’t complete without the discussion, questioning how we want to live with robots. I’m glad that the exhibition is a perfect showcase for that.

We saw moments like a litte girl running to the dragon costume trying to hug it. Last minute her mother stopped her, telling to not touch the exhibits. She’s already part of the first generation growing up with robots.

Later that day the exhibition got opened. We had very interesting conversations with the press, visitors, …  and even Bruce Sterling talked about our project in the opening interview and later on he quoted us on twitter.

“It’s quite fictional in itself to be in this list of artists.” The exhibition is really worth visiting!

»In the exhibition “Hello, Robot. Design between Human and Machine”, the Vitra Design Museum offers a thorough first examination of the current robotics boom. The exhibition presents a variety of exhibits, including examples of robots for the home, industry or healthcare, but also media installations, computer games and examples from film and literature. It demonstrates how robotics is changing our lives today — and how design is changing robotics.«

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