Thursday 09.03.17
A suspicious meeting in the train.
On Tuesday I was traveling by train to Munich. I sat there in an empty cabin and listened to music using a smartphone in my pocket. A strange guy walked up and down the floor, looking for a seat. Then he joined me.

“Well, that's the only cabin with only one smartphone, I can feel it. And there is plenty of space.”

I welcomed him and said, he can pick where-ever he wants to sit. At the same moment I thought it’s very clear—one person means one smartphone. Then he continued:

“I'm allergic to electromagnetic waves. I feel it.” Wait. What?

I asked him how he's able to feel it? He explained that his heart-rate goes up and he gets headache... He told me, he’s able to tell where in the walls the electric wires are and where the next guy with a laptop sits. I asked more detailed about this phenomena and he continued.

30 years ago he lost his job in a factory of a global acting German company. Nobody trusted him any more. Everyone thought he makes excuses to not work and he’s gone crazy. So he continued to research on his own and realised that there are more people with the same symptoms. It's affected by a higher percentage of quicksilver in the body. He even explained, he once had a metal filling in one of his teeth. It reacted like an antenna. He went to a dentist to have his tooth out. The other day must have been heaven for him. In comparison to before the signals were very weak, but still here.

“Now people look wired, if they see the gap in my mouth while talking. But I don't care, since I feel better.”

Through that he started to eliminate all electric devices inside his home. He took out all unnecessary cables and other electronics. Since then he's living on a farm, growing food for himself and living a carefree life. Once in a while he is traveling, to test himself and his reaction to the modern world. Today was one of those days. He was feeling very well, he told me. Then he left the train with a smile.

Are we able to live completely without electricity?
Are we even questioning what sort of waves are surrounding us?
It has impact on some people, how is it affecting me?
Is a wireless future healthy for human mankind?

I don't know, but we'll see.