I work at the intersection of design, strategy and research—by crossing boundaries between speculation and realities(s/r), research and practice(r/p), digital and analog(d/a), but most importantly between disciplines.

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Post-Social Design forthcoming
Becoming Tree work in progress
Civics, de novo.
Raising Robotic Natives
Preventing Body Contamination


Sensory Methods of Group Connection
Sorting Things Out
Climate Sensing For Environmental Futures
Strategies for Social Design
Intention With Us


UN/HIDE Lookbook
ZirkusZirkus / Nomads

Open Bridge




Graphic Design Inc.—

Book Redesign

This project dealt with the relationship between text and image, expanding on a basic understanding of typographic fundamentals.
        “Graphic Design International” was re-published. One chapter which included five double pages of the book was exemplarily recreated with a corresponding cover and a handmade binding.

Editorial Design—2012

Thanks to Nicole Ziegler, Noam Katz, and Nadine Villani.