I work at the intersection of design, strategy and research—by crossing boundaries between speculation and realities(s/r), research and practice(r/p), digital and analog(d/a), but most importantly between disciplines(read more).


Post-Social Design forthcoming
Becoming Tree work in progress
Civics, de novo.
Raising Robotic Natives
Preventing Body Contamination
An Archive Of Impossible Objects


Sensory Methods of Group Connection
Sorting Things Out
Urban Intelligence
Climate Sensing For Environmental Futures
Strategies for Social Design
Intention With Us


The New School Forest forthcoming
Shell House Forest Inventory
UN/HIDE Lookbook
ZirkusZirkus / Nomad
Open Bridge





Ich. Glaube.

What does the use of photographic, journalistic-textual and design mean? The main topic was migration, focusing on the role of converted people in our society.
        After the creation of a series of photographs and considering the form of texts, a layout for a print and web was developed and used as a medium. Furthermore, an exhibition that supports the magazine was executed. 

Migration newspaper

Migration exhibition

Migration application

Editorial Design—2014
Thanks to Daniel Wojcik, Nicole Ziegler, Prof. Ulrich Schendzielorz and Oliver Jung.