Installation, 2013


In this project, a self-selected song (“Viol” by Gesaffelstein) had to be investigated and visually displayed in an animation. The first step was to analyze all the interacting elements of the song.
        Ideating and designing patterns of the movement helped to shape ideas. The viewer should be deceived by an illusion, where behaviors of the space reflect the instruments. The goal was to capture the character of the piece and transfer it into an audiovisual experience.

Description of images

  • Documentation of the experience
  • First sketches for the animation
  • TripleHead for multiple displays
  • Optimal viewpoint
  • VVVV coding as projection mapping
  • The first prototype of the space
  • Final illusional space

Thanks to

Thanks to Zohar Sharabi, Julian Moder, Nicole Ziegler, Prof. Michael Götte, and Veldana Sehic.