I work at the intersection of design, strategy and research—by crossing boundaries between speculation and realities(s/r), research and practice(r/p), digital and analog(d/a), but most importantly between disciplines(read more).


Post-Social Design forthcoming
Becoming Tree work in progress
Civics, de novo.
Raising Robotic Natives
Preventing Body Contamination
An Archive Of Impossible Objects


Sensory Methods of Group Connection
Sorting Things Out
Urban Intelligence
Climate Sensing For Environmental Futures
Strategies for Social Design
Intention With Us


The New School Forest forthcoming
Shell House Forest Inventory
UN/HIDE Lookbook
ZirkusZirkus / Nomad
Open Bridge




Woo Magazine—

Emily Carr University

Taking its name from the mischievous primate companion of Emily Carr, WOO is an experimental magazine which aims to showcase student artwork, criticism, and creativity. Through ever-evolving manifestations, WOO has remained committed to creating publications which promote curiosity and reflect the temperature of the student body.

The WOO team facilitates connections with established artists, curators, and alumni to engage and contribute to the surrounding arts community.
        The images above show the winter and spring issue of the student publication of Emily Carr University in Vancouver, named “Woo” Magazine.

Editorial Design—2015
︎ woopublication.ca