Zirkus Zirkus

Fashion Video 2015

Good friends of mine, which found the brand “ZIRKUS ZIRKUS", released their new collection "The Nomads" on December 09th.

No big players, no retail, no wholesale. All products are limited to 99 pieces. Everything is produced in Portugal and Poland, Europe. 100% independent and fair.

It was my task to film and edit the look book videos.

Along with that ZIRKUS ZIRKUS stands out with extraordinary pop-up live events, video & photo productions. Meanwhile the label belongs to the leading independent street wear labels from Germany. Worldwide orders and being sold out within hours are evidence for that.

Besides ZIRKUS ZIRKUS is with numerous collaborations (merchandise, events, etc.) and different musicians an inherent part of the German rap culture

︎ Jonas Voigt

︎︎ Vitali Gelwich

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